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Seminole Wind: A Billy Brightpath Adventure, Bo...
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K. T. Dixon has revived the old-fashion art of storytelling and put it in print for all to enjoy. His homespun Southern style incorporates a hint of modern flair and creates a literary fusion that is a pleasure to read. Seminole Wind is a lighthearted, romantic adventure set in the wild outback of the Florida Everglades. The tale is filled with emotionally charged action, intrigue, and laughter that will entertain both male and female readers alike. Billy Brightpath is the first Seminole Indian in history to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. When he returns to his Reservation home in South Florida, Brightpath finds the family ranch under the control of a sugar industry tycoon and he must fight to regain what is rightfully his. When a long lost love reenters his life, Brightpath is torn between being with the woman he adores and killing the man he hates. Though Brightpath must fight the battle of his life to protect his land, the war in the field pales in comparison to the one that he must fight within his own heart. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Larry Oliver. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Boosey & Hawkes Jenkins Karl - Requiem - Mixed ...
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Instrument : mixed choir (SATB) and orchestraType : vocal/piano scoreNombre de Pages : 110In recent years Karl Jenkins has become one of the world´s best-selling living composers. He continues to conduct his epic Adiemus Live Concerts with distinguished orchestras including the London Philharmonic, featuring in Festivals and concerts in Britain and abroad; and his moving choral work The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace is now firmly lodged as a concert favourite. This new work builds on the style which the British public have come to know and adore. Jenkins has set the usual Latin movements of the requiem mass, but, in keeping with his usual trait of drawing from other cultures, he has also set five Japanese haiku ‘death’ poems. Such poems are usually to do with nature, have a single idea, and consist of seventeen syllables divided 5-7-5 over three lines. As one can see from the text, the Japanese view nature’s water cycle (precipitation) as being synonymous with life. The Western and Eastern texts are combined in two of the haiku movements, Having Seen The Moon and Farewell, which incorporate the Benedictus and the Agnus Dei respectively. Both are intoned by male voices in a monastic style as a counterpoint to the Japanese text sung by females. The instrumentation of these haiku settings includes the ancient Japanese wind instrument, the shakuhachi. Elsewhere, as usual, Jenkins has used some ethnic drums (e.g. Arabic darabuca, Japanese daiko, frame drums) and even a hip-hop rhythm in the Dies Irae!Content : Introit & Kyrie - Dies irae - The snow of yesterday (Gozan) - Rex tremendae - Confutatis - From deep in my heart (Issho) - Lacrimosa - Now as a spirit (Hokusai) - Pie Jesu - Having seen the moon - Lux aeterna - Farewell (Banzan) - Dona eis pacem - In paradisum

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