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Nursing Bricolage in Twenty-First Century Tanza...
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Nursing Bricolage in Twenty-First Century Tanzania:How Two New Healthcare Programs Incorporate Tribal Culture, Western Medicine and Evangelism Magdeline Aagard

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Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Put...
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At a time when health care is going through major change, nurses - known for being highly capable in a crisis - are being forced to take on more responsibilities. In this increasingly stressful environment, nurses need new ways to make sure they are taking care of themselves so they don´t succumb to the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion of caring for everyone else. Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds offers the innovative solutions today´s nurses need. Although it outlines the problems nurses face, this book is not about trying to change the working environment. Rather, it´s about altering inner perspectives. With boundless energy and passion, it addresses an element that´s largely missing from nursing self-care programs focusing on diet and health: the spiritual self. Taking a holistic approach that incorporates spiritual and energy principles such as reiki, Nursing from Within teaches you how to connect with your authentic self. The author´s enthusiasm is contagious, as she shares proven and effective strategies for creating shifts in your perspective, empowering you to take on the challenges of nursing with a confidence and vitality that will bring the joy back to your chosen profession. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jill Sughrue. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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