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So, what exactly is fermentation? Fermentation is the process of food preservation. It supercharges the nutrient content of the food. This happens when the natural bacteria found in foods break down the contents of the food and makes the food easier to digest, and even more nutritious. Isn't it great to know that you are giving your body the best nutrients and care every day? Do you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes? Are you looking to receive the best health benefits from the foods you eat? Do you suffer from obesity or from being overweight? Then my eBook, 50 Fermentation Recipes: The Beginner's Cookbook to Fermented Eating is the perfect book for you! Eating fermented food is the ideal choice for those that are looking to receive the ultimate benefits from their food. The process of fermentation not only enhances the nutrient contents of food, but it also makes food taste great without too much cooking. All this process takes is a little patience. You will be provided with insightful recipes that will help you carry out the requirements of the Fermentation like a pro! In this awesome book you will also learn: General information of what you will eat on the Fermentation The Fermenting Food is nothing like your average food preparation process The tools that you will need to carry out a successful fermentation 50 great tasting Fermentation Recipes This book will open you up to the wonderful and exciting world of fermented, preserved, and cured food. The information will be broken down into easy to understand information, so that when you're ready to try out these easy recipes, you'll first have to hand knowledge that will put you on the right path to healthy eating. You'll be able to spend less time cooking and more time eating once you begin to incorporate fermented foods into your lifestyle.

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