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California Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Gro...
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This is a comprehensive guide for creating a medical marijuana dispensary or delivery service, growing medical marijuana, and complying with California Law. All material is relevant prior to implementation of MedicalMarijuana Regulation and Safety (MMRSA) in 2018. This guidebook provides detailed directions on how to open and operate a California medical marijuana dispensary and collective delivery services. It also provides information on how to legally grow medical marijuana and conform as a medical marijuana patient. This guide was written by seasoned California medical marijuana experts. You will learn: What California business entities are required under SB 420 How to incorporate as a not-for-profit How to remain compliant with the various CA business requirements How to determine what is reasonable compensation for employees and directors How to properly calculate grower´s reimbursements About setting up internal controls, accounting, and inventory tracking procedures How to properly price medical marijuana for members 1. Language: English. Narrator: Reid Kerr. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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