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Hydraulic Design in Water Resources Engineering...
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The first International Conference on Hydraulic Design in Water Resources Engineering held at Southampton University in 1984 brought together engineers interested in channels and channel control structures. It was well attended, very successful and generated papers relating to control and diversion structures, sediment control facilities for headworks and intakes, canals under quasi-steady flow conditions, computer simulation of irrigation and drainage canal systems under unsteady flow conditions, and sediment problems in rivers and the effects of engineering works on the regime of rivers. The success of the first meeting was a major factor in deciding to reconvene the Conference in April 1986, also at Southampton University. The second conference is concerned with the design, constructions and operation of land drainage systems and the wealth of papers received for presentation is an indication of how much this subject has developed in the last few decades. The Conference is intended to bring together as much information as possible in the field of Land Drainage together with forecasts of future developments in this important subject. The Proceedings will provide a unique reference and state-of-the-art presentation to all interested in Land Drainage. The Proceedings incorporate the text of a keynote lecture given by W. H. van der Molen, an eminent researcher. His participation added to the prestige of the Conference and the Editors would like to thank him most sincerely for his contribution.

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