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925er Silber Kettenanhänger aus Bernstein, Amber
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Bernstein Anhänger Ketten Anhänger mit einer Größe von ca. (Bernstein) 2,2 x 1,5 cm, the whole lenght with silver is 2,9 cm Bernsteinkette länge 45 cm Gewicht 4,7 g Gefertigt aus 925er Sterling und Bernstein AusführungAnhänger Material925er Silber Bernstein Kettenanhänger aus massivem 925 Sterling Silber in Juwelierqualität. Delicate Amber Pendant, Amber Necklace, Natural Amber Gift, Baltic Amber Necklace, amber jewelry Amber is good to wear for any everyday life occasion Amber jewelry featuring pendant necklace - amber necklace is made of Baltic amber and sterling silver element (Ag 925). Amber and silver pendant on 17,7 inch Sterling Silver Chain Necklace Length of chain 17,7 in (45 cm) Dimensions of amber pendant are long about 0,86 in (2,2 cm) and wide 0,59 in (1,5 cm) the whole lenght with silver is 1,14 in (2,9 cm) net weight 4.7 g Rich Cognac Color, round sphere shape. Your necklace will come carefully wrapped in an eco-friendly gift box. If you wish to see classical beauty of amber I encourage you to visit our gallery which carries innovative and unique pieces by these Polish artists who often incorporate other exciting elements in their raw and natural form. Please visit our gallery

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